Tamarindo Sportfishing Information

Tamarindo Costa Rica Fishing Info

Costa Rica Fishing is considered to be some of the finest in the world. Known for its abundant wildlife and parks Costa Rica’s biodiversity continues into its oceans as well.
Costa Rica’s pacific coast is home to some of the best sport fishing species in the world – and in abundance. Species such as Sail Fish, Marlin, Dorado, Tuna, Wahoo, Roosterfish, Snapper, Jacks, Mackerel, and more, are seen and caught in these waters. During your fishing trip don’t be surprised if you sight leaping Stingrays, Manta Rays, breaching whales, flying fish, leatherback turtles, and other aquatic species.

The northern pacific of Costa Rica’s fishing grounds are well known. There are well established tourist friendly towns such as Tamarindo where one can find a variety of accommodations, restaurants, and activities post-fishing day. That is where Coyote Sport Fishing Charters is located.
Tamarindo, situated in the province of Guanacaste, is also the driest area of Costa Rica so, it’s dry (high) season tends to be longer and drier beginning usually in early December and ending some time at the beginning of June.

Another Great Fishing day in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Tamarindo Sportfishing Information

Costa Rica’s North Pacific Coast

Fishing Species, Seasons, and information:
Marlin (Marlin Azul/Blue Marlin, Negro/Black and Rayado/Striped)

Season – All year with peak months in September-NovemberMarlin is the sport fishing king. They can weigh more than 1,000 lbs!We had to share this photo with you… a Black Marlin caught in Cabo BlancoWeight: 1,560 pounds

Angler: Alfred Glassell Jr.Location:
Cabo Blanco, Peru
Date: Aug. 4, 1953Notes: Glassell Jr. of Houston boated this behemoth after a 1 hour and 45 minute fight. The 174-inch fish fell for a mackerel trolled in the once-legendary Black Marlin Boulevard off Cabo Blanco.

Well known Costa Rica Fishing Towns:

North Pacific:
Tamarindo – Flamingo – Samara- Conchal – Papagayo

Central Pacific:
Los Suenos – Jaco Beach – Playa Hermosa – Quepos & Manual Antonio

South Pacific:
Drake Bay – Crocodile Bay – Osa Peninsula – Puerto Jimenez – Zancudo – Golfito

Caribbean Fishing:
Although not as well developed or with the variety of fish, the Caribbean does have various fishing outfits as well. If you choose to look to the Caribbean for fishing in Costa Rica, look to the Rio Colorado area in the North is well known for its Tarpon and Snook fishing. As well, Tortugero and Rio Parisima areas may be worth a look as well. In the south Caribbean there isn’t much in the way of fishing charters.

Sailfish (Pez Vela)

Season – All year roundSailfish are one of the favorites for sport fishing. They are abundant in the North West of Costa Rica and are a challenge once you have them on the line.They are one of the fastest fish in the word with speeds up to 68 mph (110 km/h) and can weight up to 200 pounds (90 k)!You can expect a fight but also a spectacular one as they are known for their incredible leaps and speed moving 100 meters in 4.8.

Mahi Mahi (Dorado)

Season – All year round with June to October being the best time for DoradoGet ready for a fight… the name Mahi-Mahi meaning very strongin Hawaiian, is a perfect name for this species. Although smaller than some of the other catches maxing out at about 30 lbs (15 kg), we love catching this beautiful fish and so will you.

Rooster Fish (Pez Gallo)

Season – All year round with June to October being the best monthsThe Rooster Fish is another native species that can be had fishing in Costa Rica’s waters. It can get big… 1.6 m (5 ft 3 in) in length and over 50 kg (110 lb) in weight.

Tuna (Atun Amarillo/Yellowfin)

Season – All year round with June to September providing the best catches.Yellow Fin Tuna is one of the larger of the Tuna species growing up to 400 lbs (180 kg).

Wahoo (Wahoo or Peto)

Season – All year roundCosta Rica fishing at it’s finest continues when you have one of these on your line. They are fast (clocked up to 60 mph/97 km/h), strong, and beautifully long fish. Growing up to 8′ (2.5m) long and up to 180 lbs (83 kg), Wahoo is one the sport fisherman’s favorites.

Snapper (Pargo or Cubera)

Season – All year roundRed Snapper is another well known sport fishing species in Costa Rica. Growing up to 50 lbs (22.6 kg) and 3.3′ (1m) long Red Snapper has become one of the top fishes in the sport fishing community.